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At Better Medicine, we are firm believers in the power of partnerships to drive innovation in medicine. We recognise that collaboration is essential for developing cutting-edge medical solutions. If any aspect of our existing and future roadmap sparks your interest, or if you feel that there’s a gap that needs to be filled, we welcome the opportunity to connect with you.

“Working with Better Medicine has improved the efficiency of cancer diagnostics allowing radiologists to spend time on things that truly matter and not on repetitive manual tasks beneath their profession.”

Pilvi Ilves | Head of Radiology at Tarty University Hospital

Tartu University Hospital is the largest health care provider and the only academic hospital in Estonia.

Enhance research and clinical trials with cutting-edge automated diagnostic tools.

Streamline processes and integrate advanced technologies for expedited data collection and analysis.

Accelerate research and trial activities through workflow efficiency solutions.

Diversify and enhance diagnostic offerings with novel AI solutions.

Integrate artificial intelligence to provide more accurate and efficient diagnostic solutions.

Expand market opportunities and strengthen position as innovators in the healthcare industry.

Optimise workflows and alleviate workforce pressures with innovative AI technologies.

Implement efficient AI systems and tools to streamline patient diagnosis and reduce administrative burdens.

Improve patient satisfaction and focus on delivering high-quality care for better patient outcomes.

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