Harnessing the power of AI to Revolutionize Lung Cancer Detection and Management

BMVision: Lung enhances radiologists’ performance, boosting sensitivity in detecting, classifying, and quantifying lung nodules. This vastly improves interpretation speed for lung CTs, leading to improved clinical outcomes.

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Product Features

Empower your diagnosis with precision and speed via Automated Detection, Quantification, Monitoring, and Management of Lung Nodules

A comprehensive system to detect, segment, and classify lung nodules and masses, including automated 3D lesion segmentation for nodules sized 3+ mm, improving diagnostic precision and patient care.

Automatically localises and quantifies lung nodules voxel-wise, generating three types of measurements for each detected nodule: volumetric, diametric in standard orthogonal planes, and mean diameter based on axial measurements, facilitating precise assessment of nodule characteristics.

Automated nodule tracking across different CT studies. Dynamic monitoring rapidly estimates Nodule Growth and Volume Doubling Time (VDT) in follow-up CT scans.

Identify the most suspicious nodules according to LUNG-RADS 2022 criteria alongside clear, explainable recommendations for their management category, optimising decision-making in lung nodule assessment.

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Increased efficiency and time saving for lung cancer screening and monitoring procedures

Highly accurate detection of suspicious lung nodules and masses

Increased inter-reader agreement in lung nodule detection and lesion nature

Improved patient outcomes from early stage detection of lung cancer.