The world’s first and only clinically validated Kidney cancer AI solution!

BMVision: Kidney offers an unparalleled accuracy in the detection, classification and quantification of renal lesions enhancing early discovery while saving valuable time and increasing inter-radiologist agreement rates.

For research use only (CE marking in process)

detection rate for kidney cancer when combining radiologists with BMVision
accuracy of BMVision alone in detecting patients with kidney cancer
in reading and reporting of kidney scans
reduction in radiologists disagreement in classifying malignant and benign lesions.

Product Features

Accurately detect lesions as small as 5 mm.

Utilise automated 3D lesion boundary segmentation

Automatically classify lesions, aiding in differentiation and improving diagnostic confidence.

Automatically quantify and localise kidney lesions in CT images for consistent assessments.

Get two measurements: true longest dimension and three orthogonal dimensions.

Help radiologists make efficient and accurate assessments.

Generate concise finding summaries for efficient review.

Results presented in an easy-to-understand format, facilitating clear explanations.

Access editable functions to add detail and personalise reports as needed.

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The clinical performance of BMVision for kidney cancer has been validated in a study performed by 6 radiologists from the Tartu University Hospital.

Radiologists working with BMVision automated solutions take 33% less time on average to detect, measure and report malignant Kidney lesions from CT scans.

81% reduction of time needed to report malignant lesions per Kidney cancer patient.

Working with BMVision shows a 2.2% and 5.3% reduced error in lesion measurement respectively for malignant and benign lesions.

Up to 25% fewer malignant lesions missed in kidney cancer patients.

Radiologists, in combination with BMVision, achieved a 99.2% sensitivity in detecting patients with kidney cancer.

Increased benign and malignant lesion detection resulting in 32% and 25% fewer lesions missed respectively.

Radiologists using BMVision showed a 3.8% higher agreement rate in malignant lesions detection.

Disagreement in malignant lesion detection decreased by 34.3%.

Diagnostic consensus amongst radiologists increased by 23%, notably enhancing agreement on lesion nature between benign and malignant lesions.

An overall 27% reduction in disagreement between radiologists regarding lesion classification.