A full-body AI solution with a multi-organ perspective

Providing a comprehensive multi-organ cancer detection solution for every scan.

Most AI models only focus on a single organ approach but not us!

At Better Medicine we advocate for AI integration throughout the entirety of the workflow, rather than limiting its role to a small segment.

Human-guided AI measurements to reduce the need for manual measurements across the full-body and speed up reporting.

Introducing the world’s first and only clinically validated Kidney cancer AI solution; a solution designed for automated detection of cystic and solid kidney lesions. 

A cutting-edge Lung AI solution that enhances radiologists’ performance by providing superior sensitivity in the detection, classification, and quantification of lung nodules and lesions.


A continuously evolving platform! Several new models are currently in development on our full body diagnostic roadmap

Clinically validated AI models

Increase diagnostic accuracy and early lesion detection

Designed by radiologists for radiologists

A true reflection of the day to day radiology workflow

A full body focus from the start

Enabling detection of metastatic disease, incidental finding and disease of unknown origin. 

Designed to support a range of clinical workflows

Built to enable clinicians, clinical researchers and clinical trials. 

Get access to new applications

An ever evolving platform with expanding imaging solutions designed to work with a range of radiology professionals.

Reduce the burden of image assessment

Semi and fully automated solutions for lesion measurement and segmentation.

Improved efficiency within your department.

Consistent findings and reduced reader variability.

Reduced burnouts of radiology professionals.

Reduced mis-diagnosis and improved patient outcomes.

Cost reduction across your clinical workflow.

Effective patient triaging and alignment with other clinical disciplines.

Automated complex image analysis, reporting, segmentation and lesion measurement.

Bringing the first Kidney cancer AI solution to your clients.

Automated patient allocation.

Automated complex image analysis, reporting, segmentation and lesion measurement.

Seamless integration into your product portfolio

Compatible with your existing DICOM viewer

Improved data quality ensuring integrity of your trial data.

Accurate and consistent findings across all your oncology trials.

Cost reduction through elimination of manual processes.

Automated complex image analysis, reporting, segmentation and lesion measurement.

Reduced burden and demand on partner radiology professionals.

Upskill in house image reading professionals.

Streamlined and efficient clinical trial management radiological imaging processes.