Advancing Cancer Diagnostics with AI

Enhancing Patient Outcomes and Driving Efficiency in Radiology Workflows with Intelligent Insights

Inefficiencies in radiology result in too much time lost on manual and repetitive tasks using outdated tooling.

Globally the demand on cancer imaging services is being significantly outstripped by supply leading to unrealistic workloads and time pressures resulting in staff burnouts, increased misdiagnoses, longer patient journeys and poorer patient outcomes.

hours being wasted annually by radiologists
days worth of time spent manually measuring and tracking lesions.
years collectively wasted in a single year, that could be spent on better care.

Automated lesion detection

With our AI diagnostic models you’ll identify abnormalities swiftly and accurately, enhancing efficiency and reducing the risk of oversight.

State of the art custom built viewer

Increase efficiency with features such as our semi-automated iMeasure solution for lesion measurements and automated reporting.

Seamless integration

Possibility to integrate with your existing PACS and standard viewer ensure a seamless transition and minimal disruption to your workflow.

What we offer

By entrusting repetitive tasks to our AI, healthcare professionals can concentrate on delivering exceptional patient care and making better informed clinical decisions.

Improved Efficiency

Our solutions ensure faster reading alongside automated reporting to allow for quicker diagnosis and a reduction of manual and repetitive tasks.

Quality Assurance

We focus on reducing errors and improving accuracy through a collaborative approach between AI and radiologists.

Improved Patient Outcomes

Our AI diagnostic models facilitate faster faster decisions, thereby opening up possibilities for better treatment outcomes for patients.


Our solutions are designed to reduce burnout, improve job satisfaction, and ensure effective resource management, leading to enhanced wellbeing of radiology professionals.

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